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Synonyms for pint


Synonyms for pint

a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 gills or 568

a United States dry unit equal to 0

a United States liquid unit equal to 16 fluid ounces

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Coming out most expensive is Doha in Qatar, where the average price of a cold pint is a staggering [pounds sterling]11.
Our customers appreciate the fact that they can enjoy a great pint in the pub without it breaking the bank."
London is officially the only county in the UK to charge more than [pounds sterling]4 for a pint on average.
"Investigations found that a particular brand of glass had been made too small to contain a full pint. This prompted a nationwide recall of the glasses after large numbers were seized from two premises in Birmingham."
And Russia, the host of this summer's World Cup, charges the Eric third-highest tax - but at 23p per pint it is still less than half of ours.
Mark Taylor STILL can't believe I paid PS4.29 for a pint of Spanish lager in Moston/Chadderton.
According to the Good Pub Guide, the average pint in Surrey will set you back PS4.40, while Herefordshire and Yorkshire boast the cheapest pints at PS3.31.
And, in the spirit of a boozey bargain, the ECHO has gone in search of the cheapest pint in the city centre.
"We worked hard to deliver an ice cream that starts with high-quality ingredients, tastes great and is 260 to 330 calories per pint.
Sian Goldsack Don't see the point going into a bar and not being able to order pint - sounds pointless really!
According to the 2017 Good Pub Guide's survey of beer prices, a pint in our region costs an average of PS3.33.
That means locals RIGHT OPTION Tasty pint could enjoy a massive 509 pints across the whole tournament - almost 10 a day - compared to the PS1400 cost of a 65in Samsung H6400 TV.
Graham Gray OUR local have put 10 pence on a pint and I'm tamping paying PS2.75 for a pint of Carling!