pins and needles

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a sharp tingling sensation from lack of circulation

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The condition mainly affects women over 40 and a key symptom is pins and needles.
Pins and Needles took a lighthearted look at young working life in a fast-changing, politically charged society with skits that spoofed everything from European dictators to bigotry.
Essay 3, "Plays from the ILGWU: In Union There Is Strength and Pins and Needles (231-36), precedes In Union There Is Strength, by Irwin Swerdlow and Fannia Cohn (237-48) and Pins and Needles, by Harold Rome, et.
The record was used to highlight the coming Pins and Needles knitting showcase event at the Metro Arena.
For about a week after I had a pins and needles feeling in my lips and when I told the doctor I was sent straight to hospital.
In fact, a trip here can be so jaw-dropping it might be enough to give you the cold shivers never mind pins and needles.
color) Lindsay Miller, seen here in the tub of her Sherman Oaks home, is likely to be on pins and needles during the Oscar broadcast, awaiting word on a TV ad she made for Dove soap.
Q i have been troubled by pins and needles in my right hand for sometime, typically it is worse when I wake up and then generally improves over a few hours.
I was getting pins and needles right through my hand.
A MOTHER went through three years of pain with pins and needles that baffled her doctors.