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a minor annoyance

small puncture (as if made by a pin)

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About four fifths of this is inert nitrogen gas which has the effect of neutralising and diluting any of the carbon compounds rising from the Earth; * Sixty per cent of the air mass is over salt water (the five great oceans) which has the capacity of absorbing a large volume of the carbon compounds and other impurities which may rise from the Earth's surface; * If all the alleged polluting areas were plotted on a map of the globe they would be mere pinpricks.
It took us all a while to realise what they were but it was a beautiful sight and strangely moving to watch the golden pinpricks of light in the night sky.
We could replace the invasive techniques of intravenous blood collection and even tissue biopsies with pinpricks of blood, or fine needle aspirates of tissue," Wheeler said.
When I looked at my arm, there were two pinpricks at the centre of a swelling lump.
When water tanks rust, they get lots of tiny pinpricks that, if combined, can cause the tank to rupture.
In the meantime, I think Christians, at least, can endure the rhetorical pinpricks from this recent spate of skeptical attacks on our faith.
in the deep-purple pinpricks of elderberry, drizzled
There's no stopping the idea of home once it pinpricks a path into your head.
Stars are millions of times farther away, so we see them as tiny pinpricks of light: The beam of light from a star as so thin that pockets of hot and cold air in the atmosphere can bend it, making the star twinkle.
They argue that different existing Directives that in theory should cover the risk of injuries by needle pinpricks have not had the desired effect and requested the Commission to present a proposal for amendment to Directive 2000/54 on the risks linked to being exposed to biological germs at work.
Inside, a wooden stair led up to a viewing platform, here the surrounding void was broken by small pinpricks of light, made by transparent panels cut in the sphere.
He is now able to feel pinpricks over most of his body and can breath for up to an hour without a ventilator, achievements that have astounded medical experts because they occurred more than five years after his injury.
SINTEF, the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology, is developing a tiny chip that is designed to make it unnecessary for diabetics to have to endure pinpricks as they test their blood sugar level.
Such a low-tech presentation of the Do-It-Yourself Sublime belied the fact that the pinpricks actually represented a page-upon-page overlay of all the full stops in Stephen Hawking and George F.
Yet troops were so desperate to avoid the scourge that they'd inoculate themselves in secret with pinpricks under their nails.