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a card game played with a pack of forty-eight cards (two of each suit for high cards)

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The results from the March 5 afternoon session, with 52 members present, are: high score Anna Alagne, 648; low score Mary Scott, 358; and high round Arlene Anderson, 153; double pinochle Jerry Wiecek; all tricks, Melba Knust and Art Merkelz.
Social events at Hopewell include bingo, Pokeno, pinochle, Wii bowling, billiard league, exercising, CATS buses to appointments and shopping, church groups, water aerobics and pool activities, birthday dinners, dances, casino trips, tea parties, health screenings, and various seasonal and holiday activities.
Obama interrupted a pinochle game to ask the five women if they were playing for money.
I loafed through, playing pinochle every day in the student union with money I didn't have, doing just enough to get my Cs, Ds and now a few Fs.
They grow from the complicated soil of family--a grandfather who plays pinochle with his pals who calls 911 the day his wife dies a mother who's still mourning her own mother's death fights between husband and wife--all the weather of relationship as well as the turbulence outdoors.
Hugh taught his daughter to shoot a gun, and to play pinochle with the Rodham men and their friends, guys with names like Old Hank, who would stomp up the steps and say: "Is that black-haired bastard home?
1 showdown with UCLA in 1967, USC coach John McKay wants his players to remember something vital: No matter what happens that day, at least 800 million pinochle players couldn't care less.
The Gypsy vocalist with the sunken Appalachian mouth sounded for all the world like my Uncle Sandor serenading himself as he arranged his pinochle cards.
Somehow, more like Camus than Fitzgerald, these characters rise from depths to surface--from a hand of pinochle to the baby-blue helmets of the United Nations, from a brick through a window to Van Gogh's ear, from John O'Hara to Othello--with the defining gestures of shadow puppets, a kind of frozen Winter Palace theater from which we are lucky to escape alive.
Gretchen and I played pinochle for hours in the corner as Morn and Dad chatted with fancy people.
And that goes beyond movie night or a game of pinochle.
Hobbyist weight lifters and rodeo riders are more prone to physical injuries than pinochle players and crossword puzzle enthusiasts.
Kate Gurnett is a feature writer at the Albany Times Union who loves lakes and heretofore favored pinochle and other indoor activities.
We discover things in and under the couch we didn't know were there--coins, a ballpoint pen, the ace of spades from the pinochle deck, some stale popcorn, maybe even a piece of pizza.