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Synonyms for pinkeye

inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

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For pinkeye that's triggered by an allergy, create a cool compress using a damp, wrung-out clean cloth.
Bovine pinkeye, the most common eye disease of cattle worldwide, affects not only the conjunctiva surrounding the eye, but also the cornea itself, and in severe cases causes blindness.
Vinny is famous for two things -- pinkeye and people fall in love with Vinny," she says.
These closures come as the result of elevated levels of bacteria in the water, exposure to which can lead to a host of nasty reactions including skin rashes, pinkeye, respiratory infections, meningitis, hepatitis and gastrointestinal problems like the stomach flu.
A closer look at pinkeye is offering insight into other costly bacterial diseases as well.
CAIRO: The number of people infected with conjunctivitis, also referred to as pinkeye, has decreased by nearly 50 percent and the rate of infection is slowing down, Ministry of Health spokesperson Abdel Rahman Shahin said.
Egypt's Health Ministry said Monday that students who caught pinkeye virus would be given a fortnight vacation as the virus outbreak in three governorates was linked to farmers' burning of rice straw causing a seasonal smog.
The potential for expanded use of the pinkeye treatment Azasite could keep stock prices from falling too far, she added.
That is the sort of thing your mother used to say when you poked yourself or got hit by a linedrive or gave yourself pinkeye.
The most common health impact of this contamination is severe stomach upset, but swimmers also can get earaches, pinkeye, respiratory ailments, and even more serious ill nesses like meningitis and hepatitis.
If Popeye dated Pink, people would call them Pinkeye.
A woman from the lobby suddenly barges in and screams at you "Why is my child with pinkeye having to wait?
The clinic's health-care providers treat colds, intestinal bugs, giardia, pinkeye, lice infestation and fractures.
Ukus, or lice, the stomach flu, ear infection, pinkeye.