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Synonyms for pinkeye

inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

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So red, itchy eyes caused by irritation or allergies are technically pinkeye, but we know that you're probably referring to the type caused by an infection.
Bovine pinkeye, the most common eye disease of cattle worldwide, affects not only the conjunctiva surrounding the eye, but also the cornea itself, and in severe cases causes blindness.
Eduardo Casas, a geneticist in the Genetics and Breeding Research Unit at the time of the study, and former ARS scientist Gary Snowder discovered a quantitative trait locus (QTL), or location, on bovine chromosome 20 that is associated with pinkeye, foot rot, and bovine respiratory disease.
The total number of cases infected with pinkeye reached 3,030 on Thursday, mainly located in three governorates, Daqahliya, Port Said and Damietta, according to the ministry.
The student patients having pinkeye will get a 14-day holiday to help stop the increased infection of the virus," said Mohamed Naguib el-Assar, a Health Ministry official.
The most common health impact of this contamination is severe stomach upset, but swimmers also can get earaches, pinkeye, respiratory ailments, and even more serious ill nesses like meningitis and hepatitis.
If Popeye dated Pink, people would call them Pinkeye.
A woman from the lobby suddenly barges in and screams at you "Why is my child with pinkeye having to wait?
The clinic's health-care providers treat colds, intestinal bugs, giardia, pinkeye, lice infestation and fractures.
We are the first to develop pinkeye from red tides at Malibu, the first to injure ourselves on the tetrapods in Japan, and in turn, the first to stand up and defend our ocean.
Trachoma often begins as minor itching called pinkeye.
Pinkeye is a common problem that causes swelling and itching of the conjunctiva (kon-junk-TIE-vuh), the thin layer of tissue that covers the eyeball and eyelid.
Infectious pinkeye can easily spread from one person to another.
Pinkeye can be caused by bacteria or virus, like the kinds that cause sore throats or the common cold.