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having lost your job

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"It's the uncertainty," says Washington Elementary School teacher Sue Gladstone, who has been pink-slipped six of the 10 years she's taught in Flint.
AOL LATIN AMERICA, a joint venture between Venezuelan media conglomerate Grupo Cisneros and AOL Time Warner, pink-slipped 133 workers--7% of its workforceuin a cost-cutting move.
Colleagues told her "they felt harassed into signing this petition, that they would be pink-slipped if they didn't," she told the Detroit Free Press.
In its second round of firings this year, Standard Media International pink-slipped 69 of about 400 workers at The Industry Standard, blaming "current market conditions." Walt Disney Internet Group slashed 135 positions, most at and, as it tries to become profitable.
Three years before, Kozlowski and her business partner Joe Quaresima became casualties of the dot-com bust when they were pink-slipped on Good Friday, April 13, by iPares America Ltd., an international software maker and Web hoster.