pink shower

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tropical American semi-evergreen tree having erect racemes of pink or rose-colored flowers

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Look for Squeaky Pink Shower and Shave Gel ($12 for 16.
Their bathroom boasts pink shower curtains, pink dustbins, pink doormats and to top it all .
It comes in eau de toilette, deodorant, a pink gel body lotion enriched with pearl and mother of pearl, and a marshmallow-like pink shower mousse.
And what a jarring color scheme in there: beige wallpaper and pink shower tile.
Pete - who donned a pink shower cap for the task - put a brave face on as he was teamed to be scrubbed by Richard and No.
The good ladies of Fargo turned up with an assortment of bouffant hairstyles deftly tucked away and kept dry under bright pink shower caps.