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MULTAN -- The extension and pest warning wings of Punjab Agriculture department have noticed pink bollworm attack on silver fibre in different cotton growing districts and advised techniques including animal grazing after last picking to kill the enemy pest in the cotton remains.
In winter season, pink bollworm resides inside the middle of two seeds joined with each other, inside open bolls in the field after picking or in the trash lying at ginning factories, according to a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab Agriculture department on Monday.
Female pink bollworms release a scent so that the males can find them to mate.
But this only works when the population of pink bollworms is already low, says Nate Dechoretz, chief of integrated pest control for the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).
On the other side of the world, clusters of Arizona cotton fields with Bt plants on more than 60 percent of the acreage have managed to suppress the local populations of the dreaded pink bollworm, says entomologist Yves Carriere of the University of Arizona in Tucson.
In Arizona, Carriere and his colleagues analyzed data on cotton varieties and pink bollworm infestations from 1991--5 years before the introduction of Bt cotton--until 2001.
That's enough, says the ARS nematologist, to kill more than 90 percent of the corn earworms, fall armyworms, or pink bollworms waiting to emerge from 1 acre of soil as winged adults.
But last July, we found infected pink bollworms 21 days after applying S.
That's important, because the agency needs to boost its weekly production by 1994 so that it can offer sterile pink bollworms to cotton growers in other parts of California.
They're responsible for raising 700 million healthy pink bollworm moths a year in their Phoenix, Arizona, facility.
corn earworm and tomato fruitworm), and pink bollworms.
zea virus can't harm, such as the cabbage looper and pink bollworm.
The plants all but wiped out tobacco budworms, cotton bollworms, pink bollworms, and other caterpillars in outdoor tests at seven sites in 1990 and six sites in 1991.
The same trend doomed pink bollworms at the 3-acre test site at Maricopa, Arizona.
Thanks to research, growers today can also use cultural practices such as early plowdown of harvested cotton to break up stalks and bury overwintering pink bollworms.