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a table used for playing table tennis

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Some companies offer free lunches; a few pamper employees with office massages; others liven up the workday with pingpong tables or volleyball courts.
1 -- color) President Michael Blakey, left, and CEO John Guidon of 2K Sounds stand behind the pingpong table in their Woodland Hills office.
There's a coffee bar and, for a bit of stress relief, a pingpong table.
The drama was a regular feature at the venue, as units broke apart, falling to the ground from as high as a pingpong table, or as batteries ran low midway through a match.
The money raised was used to purchase a new pingpong table for the Boys & Girls Club on Pearl Street in Framingham.
Many of the artists have become friends thanks to their month spent together, she says, and a pingpong table, basketball hoop and barbecue, set up invitingly on the lawn, attest to her encouraging a mixture of work and play.
The first of the group's three gigs on Tuesday was for youngsters in the Phoenix unit, a locked section of cells looking out on a large multipurpose room plastered with motivational posters and holding a couple of television sets and a pingpong table.
Reporters were working off laptops in his home, and editors were using three desktop systems for editing and pagination on his pingpong table.
The Teen Center also provides Guitar Hero, a pingpong table, board games, arts and crafts, and books for the teens to use.
We hashed it out around my pingpong table - does national want to get involve or not?
The company lunch room has a couch, armchairs, a television and a pingpong table.
To know that the Dewey Decimal indexing for "Biography" no longer means "somewhere between the pingpong table and the Christmas wreaths.
3) The recreation area at Hiwire includes a pool table and a pingpong table so workers can unwind during the day.
Since manager Charlie Manuel ordered the pingpong table out of the clubhouse and banned card games, the Indians are 6-3.
Now with the Indians, Finley watched as manager Charlie Manuel decided to take the pingpong table and two leather couches out of the clubhouse.