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a table used for playing table tennis

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Spin Dubai is now open in Wafi, offering Ping-Pong tables, a bar and international cuisine as well as shisha on the terrace.
The club, which will be located at Wafi, is part social club, part night club, and will have eleven "designer" ping-pong tables, a bar, lounge and nightclub "serving a fusion of international cuisine" and a shisha lounge on a terrace, according to a statement.
For eight years I watched the smooth forest-green top of my old Ping-Pong table bow under the combined weight of matrimony.
The irony spurred the Zwislers to create and market a ping-pong table that would not be seen as the pool table's ugly stepchild.
Half of the room is left open to allow space for setting up a ping-pong table, laying out crafts projects, or playing indoor basketball.
Taking advantage of the lawn in front of the exhibit hall, Karg plans to lay out, among other things, a ping-pong table by Tom Burr, swings by Aaron Young and Adam McEwen, and a croquet set by Mark Dion, all for the enjoyment of the art-going public.
London, Mar 18 ( ANI ): The ping-pong table presented to Barack Obama by David Cameron has turned out to be manufactured in China.
But we can reveal that the ping-pong table presented to the US President by David Cameron was actually made in China.
Artist Roman Ondak, who curated this meticulously compiled retrospective for the Kolnischer Kunstverein, showed, roughly chronologically, photographs, collages, and other printed matter, but also white chalk on the floor (a long line, drawn by Koller, "framing" the exhibition space in the main hall of the Kunstverein), a Ping-Pong table (standing in for the Ping-Pong Society project of 1970, the transformation of an art gallery into a Ping-Pong club), and, placed throughout Cologne, thirty billboards with blown-up photographs of Koller's historical "operations.
Rupert Grint kept a ping-pong table in his room during shooting of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', reports the Sun.
And from this week, visitors to FACT will be able to play on a ping-pong table with a difference.
In Freezing Film, 2002, the visitor saw, projected onto a concrete structure something like a cross between a skateboarding ramp and a Ping-Pong table, 250 images of Mars (collected from the Internet) rush by.