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the seed-producing cone of a pine tree

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String pinecones on twine, and hang a wreath of shed deer antlers to complete the scene.
Diamond Candles' Holiday Collection comes in some wonderful seasonal scents, including Christmas Kitchen, Candy Cane, Winter Festival, Mistletoe, and Cinnamon Pinecone.
With a hook, they try to hit each mature pinecone to the ground below, where a second worker keeps count and dodges falling cones.
For example, Bousquet-Melou, Propp, and West [BPW09] describe sequences of graphs, termed pinecones, such that the nth term in the associated Gale-Robinson sequence enumerates perfect matchings in the nth pinecone graph.
The present work studied the potential and feasibility of using different oil crops such as castor oil plants, ouricuri, babassu, castanets, macauba and seeds of passion fruit and pinecone, for the feedstock supply for the biodiesel production.
The Spanish name for pineapple, pina, and the root of its English name, reflects the fruit's visual similarity to the pinecone.
Observing a pinecone can tell you whether the air is humid or dry.
Part I of the book explores the nature and function of creative thought and challenges readers to recognize and break out of predictable thought patterns to join the ranks of original thinkers and problem-solvers like electrical engineer James Crocker, who devised a way to focus the Hubble telescope by observing the way a German showerhead functioned; Louis Braille, who, blinded in an accident as a boy, used the differences between the scales of a pinecone to develop a way for other blind people to read; and master artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, who employed the simple things around him, even the stains on a wall, as inspiration.
So he climbed up once more and placed a pinecone where the carrot had been.
ponytailed high as a pinecone, then lacquered to a glossy finish, even
By just pushing the Coneivore over the pinecone, a cap at the bottom of the tool traps the pinecone inside.
In the case of Norman Foster's Swiss Re skyscraper in London, the codes are fairly obvious (missile, screw, bullet, penis, finger, pinecone, cigar) and also somewhat far-fetched (brain and Russian doll).
The seeds of pine trees are contained in the scales of their cones, Each scale contains 2 seeds, attached to a papery wing on the inside of the pinecone.
Another food source and fun family project can be a pinecone feeder.