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the seed-producing cone of a pine tree

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String pinecones on twine, and hang a wreath of shed deer antlers to complete the scene.
Here are complete instructions for leaf rubbings, a pencil pal, a book protector, a birdie bookmark, bat marionette, potato stamp place mat, pinecone turkey, and a barn-dance scarecrow.
The youngest pinecones, which take three years to mature and produce nuts, already show signs of illness due to invasive insects and lack of adequate rainfall over the past winter.
1) Develop a more natural way to obtain pinecone graphs from cluster algebra theory directly.
Glue two googly eyes on the other side of the pinecone near the top.
So he climbed up once more and placed a pinecone where the carrot had been.
The small finch normally feeds on pinecone seeds in Scandinavian forests, but a poor crop has forced many to cross the North Sea in search of food.
By just pushing the Coneivore over the pinecone, a cap at the bottom of the tool traps the pinecone inside.
In the case of Norman Foster's Swiss Re skyscraper in London, the codes are fairly obvious (missile, screw, bullet, penis, finger, pinecone, cigar) and also somewhat far-fetched (brain and Russian doll).
The seeds of pine trees are contained in the scales of their cones, Each scale contains 2 seeds, attached to a papery wing on the inside of the pinecone.
A marine hull policy covering damages to the Pinecone, a Cypriot-flag merchant vessel that has been listed by OFAC
In one case, a student's roommate turned up in his piece after invading the aspiring transcendental writer's workspace and swiping his pinecone.
Straying away from that old pinecone accent and contrasting materials such as ceramic with glass or wood with gleaming metal