pineapple weed

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annual aromatic weed of Pacific coastal areas (United States and northeastern Asia) having bristle-pointed leaves and rayless yellow flowers

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From Angelica to Yarrow, Nozedar presents some familiar friends such as blackberry, honeysuckle and nettles and some less so, including pineapple weed and Himalayan balsam, whose flowers look like an orchid.
In cultivated ground weeds such as pineapple weed, coltsfoot, groundsel, sow thistle and creeping thistle all irritate allotment holders, particularly as one of the features of many plants in the daisy family is that their seeds are wind distributed.
Chickweeds, orache, spurge, cress, dead-nettle, pineapple weed, mayweed, ragweed, Shepherd's purse, hawkweed, chamomile, and speedwell are just a few of the annual weeds prepared to add massive amounts of seed to those already in the soil seed bank.
We looked at some more unusual herbs such as wild garlic, borage, pineapple weed, gorse and sorrel.
Knotweed, cinquefoil, pineapple weed and broadleaf plantain are able to grow in soil that is too compact to support the growth of grass.