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any of several bull snakes of eastern and southeastern United States found chiefly in pine woods

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Timber rattlesnakes and Louisiana pine snakes of the West Gulf Coastal Plain: Hypothesis of decline.
Growth rates and mortality of the Louisiana pine snake (Pituophis ruthveni).
But there is nothing more satisfying than when one of those same Wikikids reaches out and touches Zip, our southern pine snake, and says "Wow
After recovering for several months, the pine snake was released back into the wild.
Other projects include a Louisiana pine snake conservation workshop and the creation of a release program.
Even though New Orleans' Audubon Zoo invests in the high-tech world of assisted animal reproduction, it also has low-tech programs to breed and reintroduce the pine snake and other local endemic species that could be wiped out in a single catastrophic event.
Other than a pine snake (happily munching away in a nest box) and a few mice now and then, the rest of the visitors were chickens and people.
The northern pine snake is thought to be an escaped pet which slipped into the house in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.
The Louisiana pine snake (Pituophis ruthveni), first described by Stull (1929), is a large-bodied constrictor of the family Colubridae and until recently was considered one of 15 subspecies of Pituophis melanoleucus (see Sweet & Parker 1990; Collins 1991; Crother et al.
Lucifer, a Northern Pine snake from North America, now needs a good home.
I've captured and relocated armadillos, a raccoon, water moccasins, pine snakes, rats, you name it.
Snakes, such as rat snakes, king snakes, pine snakes, black racers, and coach whips, eat numerous rodents and are important in controlling rodent populations.
To alleviate environmental impact to the site, Walters detailed its extensive work to ensure protection of any threatened species, which include pine snakes and tree frogs on the site as well as rare plants.