pine knot

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a joint of pine wood used for fuel

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JIMMIE Wilson is from the small town of Pine Knot, Ky.
From my perspective, Charlie is a pine knot with no visible chinks.
Boyd (decorative screens), Homestyle DMI (furniture), Pine Knot (furniture), Shaw Rugs, Simmons (repeat winner) and Teena Ironworks (decorative outdoor).
to noon Sunday at Big Bear Lake's Pine Knot Landing.
Snow Forest Ski Area, in Big Bear Lake 1/2 mile south of State 18 on Pine Knot Avenue.
Contract Awarded for Physician services; pine knot job corps center; pine knot, ky
fish]; by night, this has always a very picturesque appearance, the strong red glare of the blazing pine knots and roots in the iron frame, or light jack, at the bow of the canoe throwing the naked figures of the Indians into wild relief upon the dark water and sombre woods.
Mast began his career carving faces in Ponderosa pine knots while taking classes in sculpture and figure drawing.
2000) identified the compounds emitted from southern pine knots, sapwood, and oleoresin.
I sleep soundly beside the fire, awakened only in those intervals when the fire dies and I roll over to toss a bevy of pine knots atop the embers and wait for them to catch.