pine away

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  • verb

Synonyms for pine away

lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief

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You couldn't possibly be sensible and useful, Phil, so you'd better pine away and die," said Anne cruelly.
Finally, don't fret that your dog will pine away from loneliness while he's off with the pro.
She's so much happier, I was really worried she was going to pine away and die of a brokenheart.
While we're on the subject of stellar break-ups, we should share the wry (and aray) observation that they put the stars involved on the spot in other sticky ways-because the show must go on, so they can't whine and pine away in public even if they're hurting, unlike us ordinary folks.
But some love performing so much they'll pine away after being retired.
Some people I deeply respect and love as Christian siblings literally pine away for a mate, partly because of loneliness, which I empathize with, and partly because of the perception that being single is somehow abnormal and that life is of less value because of it.
She couldn't just sit in the corner - she would pine away and die.