pincushion flower

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Old World annual having fragrant purple to deep crimson flower heads

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Photo: Puffball blooms of pincushion flower blend well with lacy baby's breath for bouquets
Its pretty, pincushion flowers are pink at first, but change gradually to a soft green before eventually fading to biscuit shades.
For example, the marsh fritillary butterfly will only feed its young on devil's bit scabious, a tall, wire-stemmed herb with violet-blue, pincushion flowers, and only on those individual plants that are larger than the surrounding vegetation.
Flowers need to be brightly colored to attract the attention of its specific pollinator, such as bees for apple trees and butterflies for pincushion flowers.
The coppery orange hues of the urn and pincushion flowers add vibrant color.
If you want a reliable clump-forming perennial for the front of your border, look no further than Knautia macedonica, with its low-growing grey-green leaves and pincushion flowers.