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Synonyms for pincer

a hand tool for holding consisting of a compound lever for grasping

a grasping structure on the limb of a crustacean or other arthropods

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He had a pair of pincers and he was moving them towards me."
Amy told the hearing: "He had a pair of pincers in his hand and he was moving them towards me and he was telling me he was going to remove my 'f*** nipples' in his horrible manner."
That same thing was usually pain; pain is where the pincers of angry lobsters meet the hot, flesh-searing ends of a burning communist cigars.
The second type of giant predator from Chengjiang resembles Anomalocaris, but it had a wider body and shorter front grasping limbs, each armed with daggerlike pincers.
Crusher the trapjaw ant (at left) packs a powerful pair of pincers. Her pincers are really a set of long, strong jaws.
There are two pincers that come out to protect the head from hostile knights; or perhaps the pincers are meant to take hold of food.
The thieves raided the Hammer and Pincers, in Widnes, whose landlord, Christian Thornton, was killed in a knife attack on Sunday, August 11.
Police were called to the incident at around 3.20pm, which took place near the historic Hammer and Pincers pub in Liverpool Road,Widnes, believed to be the oldest pub in the area.
Living up to his nickname, his claws are bigger than a man's mitt and those powerful pincers could snip your fingers clean off.
These have angled pincers to grasp the hair without pinching the skin and have an ergonomic finger grip.
The robots ruined signs, giant heads, mannequins, and small houses with giant clamping mouths, bursts of flame, crushing pincers, and grinding treads.
The DIY tool shops will do well with the sales of files, pincers, magnifying glasses and even craft knives..
Unlike the human thumb and forefinger, which meet like pincers to grasp objects, the two dinosaur claws face away from each other like the barbs of a fishing hook, each embedding separately in the doomed animal's flesh.
Christian Thornton, 49, was violently stabbed outside his pub the Hammer and Pincers on Liverpool Road in Widnes, at around 3.20pm on August 11.