pinball machine

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game equipment on which pinball is played


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Like many of us, Steve Bedi enjoyed playing pinball machines when he was younger.
SHOCKING images have emerged of suicide bomber Ibrahim Abdeslam breaking into a cafe to steal cash from pinball machines - only six months before he blew himself up in Paris.
We are excited and honored to be able to offer this amazing pinball machine.
Stickney, 45, is part of a growing niche of enthusiasts resurrecting the pinball machine, an arcade game that has been overshadowed in the last 30 years by the video game.
It's all about the zone," said Dylan Skye Kennedy, a young Eugene actor (we last saw him on stage in 2012 in Very Little Theatre's "The Underpants") who was busily flipping flippers on a line of mechanical pinball machines that fill Blairally.
Now the company has set its sights on the Williams pinball machine for Star Trek: The Next Generation.
While pinball machine manufacturers have been listed, no pachinko parlor operators, viewed by many in Japan as gambling houses, have been allowed to go public.
Today, vintage pinball games, jukeboxes, and slot machines are highly sought-after items for their colorful and quality craftsmanship and the nostalgia of nights spent around the jukebox or pinball machine at the local hangout.
This bar has a full bar, slots, pool table, darts, pinball machine and a jukebox.
A $500,000 libel suit was filed by an Arkansas Democrat reporter accused of taking a payoff to not write a series of articles about pinball machine gambling.
Well it didn't stop Ajaan on Saturday "veering off " like a ball on a pinball machine.
Families shared their baked Christmas cookies and found happy homes for many new and some gently used toys, including a pinball machine.
Of course, most of you wouldn't know old Nick, but he used to own a cafe in the centre of Barry, which had a pinball machine at the back.
Anyone who has alcoholic parents can relate to Daniel's sinking feeling when he's handed coins for the pinball machine as his dad makes his habitual beeline for the bar.