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a game played on a sloping board


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FarSight Studios' Star Trek pinball campaign offered rewards ranging from one copy of the digital pinball game on one platform (given to 1,012 backers who contributed $10) to a personal visit from the FarSight team to host a virtual pinball tournament, with prizes and goodies, for the backer and friends, for an investment of $10,000 or more (with no one funding at this level).
Build your own pinball game! In the Kicking Machine activity from Design Squad[R] Nation, kids are challenged to design and build a machine that can kick a Ping-Pong[R] ball across the floor and into a cup.
"It will be interesting for William out in Santa Barbara to play in a game where it s really flowing like a pinball game," he added.
The online pinball game, which has been launched across the Middle East at http://www.
New simulations led by Alessandro Morbidelli of the Cote d'Azur Observatory in France have suggested this pinball game, which would have lasted just 100,000 years, fits with observations.
Sony Ericsson has a history of releasing pinball games on its mobile devices, allowing users to play pinball electronically, but now it has launched a free online pinball game, Emusicon Pinball, on Facebook.
THE wooden pinball game by Chad Valley can command pounds 200 and the Waddingtons jigsaws, boxed, make pounds 30 to pounds 50.
It's in bathroom- tiling patterns, the shapes of clouds and trees, the arrangement of a flower's petals, a ball's path in a pinball game, the knots you tie in your shoelaces--and even in the way you lace your shoes (see "How to Lace Like an Ace").
For instance, the Applied Materials booth provided Nanoball for the attendees to enjoy--an impressive virtual pinball game projected onto the scrim hanging above the players and spectators in the booth.
Under the partnership, KAZeNet licenses NetVillage, which distributes Java-enabled game services for cellphones in China, to distribute its pinball game to Java-enabled China Mobile handsets.
Along the way the children learn scientific concepts: a jar full of 999,999 yellow cupcake sprinkles and a single black one illustrates parts per million; an "achoo" pinball game shows how particulate matter enters lungs.
But soon the German stage manager had mental overload, like a pinball game that can't tilt.
THE human metabolism is more like a Japanese pinball game than a well-oiled and highly regulated machine, say scientists.
Pachinko is a combination of slot machine and pinball game; players can control only the speed at which small stainless-steel balls are fed into the devices.
Old Century Baseball ($129.99) from Front Porch Classics, Seattle, Wash., is a spiffed-up version of a time-honored pinball game that reproduced the Nation's Pastime by having a batted ball fall into various holes representing hits and outs.