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a game played on a sloping board


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"I've been involved with the company since 2009 and when I came in pinball was on its last leg," Dankberg said.
"It's strange motivation, I know," said Stickney, who remodeled his basement four years ago to accommodate his pinball habit.
It's a fast meditation." (For the uninitiated, "Tommy" was the Who's 1969 rock opera about a blind, deaf and mute pinball wizard.)
They say moving through the traditional stages of grief can be as unpredictable as playing a pinball machine, with triggers of sorrow acting like pinball rudders to send a mourner into a rebound rather than an exit.
Now the company has set its sights on the Williams pinball machine for Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Although operators of pinball game arcades have sought to go public since the 1990s, no company has managed to obtain a license so far, either in Japan or overseas.
Players would control the flippers using the number pad on their phone but with Emusicon Pinball, players now control the computer pinball game with their keyboard.
I have lots of life-sized games such as Pac Man, Space Invaders and a pinball machine.
A $500,000 libel suit was filed by an Arkansas Democrat reporter accused of taking a payoff to not write a series of articles about pinball machine gambling.
I ENJOYED YOUR ARTICLE "Operation Pinball" [by Robert F.
XBOX Live Arcade has its fair share of cracking games and one of my favourites is Pinball FX.
said Wednesday its group net profit for the first nine months of fiscal 2006 through March fell 22.2 percent from a year earlier to 49.38 billion yen due partly to sluggish sales of pachinko pinball machines.
Anyone who has alcoholic parents can relate to Daniel's sinking feeling when he's handed coins for the pinball machine as his dad makes his habitual beeline for the bar.