pina cloth

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a fine cloth made from pineapple fibers

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"The beginning of pineapple cultivation in the Philippines also marked the start of the craft of pina cloth weaving in the country," she said.
Though no Philippine designer was featured in this particular collection, the bodice of a wedding dress created by Nicolas Ghesquiere seems to be made out of Philippine pina cloth, or at least, reminiscent of it in its embroidery.
The 'touch' is in the artistry of presentations-soup served in carved fruits like papaya or squash; menus printed on sheer pina cloth; crab meat with scallops of mango.
Among the exhibitors were the traditional mat weavers from Basey, Samar, the indigenous woven fabric makers of the T'Boli tribe, the fashion accessories makers of Tondo, Manila, the abaca and piNa cloth weavers of Kalibo, Aklan among others.