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cylindrical tumblers consisting of two parts that are held in place by springs


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Most replacement core manufacturers provide only pin tumbler cores.
Stansbury, an American physician, was granted an English patent for a pin tumbler door lock that embodied the operating principles of both the Egyptian and Bramah locks.
The credit for the most secure key-operated lock of the period belongs to Linus Yale, Jr., who improved an earlier pin tumbler design patented by his father in 1848 to produce the modern pin tumbler cylinder lock.
Modern pin tumbler cylinders can have between three and seven pins.
* Pin tumbler locks with five or more pins offer greater resistance to picking.
* Lever tumbler locks are slightly less expensive than pin tumbler locks, offer good security and many key changes.
The most popular basic lock is the pin tumbler model, which is used on most doors.
The four types of keyed locks are: warded; disk or wafer; pin tumbler; and lever.
A disk or wafer lock takes three minutes to pick, a pin tumbler takes ten minutes, and a lever lock can be compromised in thirty minutes.
CCL Security Products offers an array of drawer and cabinet latch bolt and dead bolt locks with disc and pin tumblers. The locks are offered with a brass plated steel backplate.
Medeco's claim to technical superiority is rotating pin tumblers and an angled key cut that's impossible to duplicate except by the manufacturer.