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cash for day-to-day spending on incidental expenses

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David DeLee is the author of the "Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter" series, including the novels "Fatal Destiny" (2011), "Pin Money" (2013) and "With Intent to Deceive" (2014).
In the days when a woman's place was supposedly in the home, some took a "little part-time job" to earn what they called "pin money" a term used to mean incidental personal expenses, not necessarily expensive pins.
Guppies with challenges at work now find other outlets that provide, if not a full salary, at least something that gives you pin money. Invest all wisely.
Renny learned martial arts and fencing and advanced stage combat and says he thought at first working on fight scenes would earn him a little bit of "pin money."
In a desperate attempt to earn pin money, the lad signed up to a mail order business hand-painting porcelain figurines.
Comedic moments--from the goofy 9-9-9 economics of pizza king Herman Cain to Mitt Romney, a bishop of the Mormon church turned gambling man by wanting to bet Perry $10,000 pin money that his facts were wrong--became fewer.
Because the jointure was not the only source of income widows might enjoy (among the other possibilities, Wilson discusses additional settlements made after marriage, life interests, bequests, the separate ownership of property and pin money), it is clear that aristocratic widows could have access to substantial sums during their lifetimes.
These greedy women should be well vetted re jobs for pin money.
I believe that those 'retired'' are thoughtless and inconsiderate rather than selfish and greedy to agree to work on supply cover for what is, to them, pin money, thus blocking this avenue for the newly qualified.
I also hear another friend recalling growing up in Winnipeg stacking bowling pins for pin money. And I hear many friends joking about their high school years--if only to come to terms with some of the pain.
The measure, which is supposed to restore party independence, will only give politicians extra pin money, said analysts.
Unofficially, there is to be a scalingdown in part-time staff employed on racedays, mainly those cheerful pensioners seeking some pin money, and, probably more likely, some company.
The sight of West Ham fans attacking their own stewards, who turn up for pin money, was shameful.
That's pin money. These days, a billion is the new million.
I'm not being sexist but a lot of Cosa members were women who were working for 'pin money' and they were reluctant to strike.