pilotless aircraft

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an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control

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In the air designers of pilotless aircraft, or drones, are inspired by the ways in which insects fly.
According to the report, the Defense Ministry had given the green light for the sale of pilotless aircraft produced by the company Aeronautics to Ukraine, but the foreign ministry then vetoed the sale.
The pilotless aircraft targetted five civilians, who were busing working at a construction site in the area," he said, adding the poor labourers had no links with any militant group.
The Allies claim that the pilotless aircraft are highly accurate and avoid civilian casualties although this is disputed by the peace groups like Amnesty International.
Numerous articles have appeared about pilotless aircraft for military use.
It was a fast, pulse-jet powered pilotless aircraft aimed at London and intended to destroy civilian morale.
Norman Friedman's Unmanned Combat Air Systems takes a theoretical approach to addressing the role of pilotless aircraft in tomorrow's Navy.
But the flight had a special significance as retired Admiral of the Fleet Sir Benjamin Bathurst, whose father Wing Commander Peter Bathurst had piloted the aircraft when he was the commanding officer of the Pilotless Aircraft Unit (PAU) at the St Athan base in the 1940s, was a passenger.
Armed with missiles, which are also designed by the IRGC, the pilotless aircraft can target long-distance targets, said Jafari.
A recent investigative report said this week that the CIA-run pilotless aircraft are targeting innocent people.
She said there was an urgent need to promote cost-saving synergies in research and development among member states, between national and EU budgets and between the defence and civilian industrial sectors in areas such as space, cyber security, pilotless aircraft and maritime surveillance.
His father, Group Captain Michael Adderley, piloted the aircraft several times during World War II having moved to St Athan from Hawkinge, near Folkestone, with the Pilotless Aircraft Unit (PAU) in June 1940.
pilotless aircraft hit a house in Pakistan&'s tribal region of North Waziristan on the Afghan border on Friday, killing 25 militants, Pakistani intelligence officials said.
CNN news reported today that the apparent case of "friendly fire" is being investigated - if it is confirmed it would be a rare instance of pilotless aircraft killing US forces.
It performed well enough after several test flights for the Air Service to order 100 of the pilotless aircraft in October 1918.