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Pilotless passenger aircraft could save the aviation industry PSSregulators.
A survey by UBS suggested that the idea was not too popular, with 54 per cent of the 8,000 people questioned saying they would be unlikely to take a pilotless flight.
The UBS analysts said the transition to pilotless planes is likely to happen over many years.
The other question is whether people will be willing to fly in a pilotless aircraft, and that seems like a big leap.
We have engineered that solution with the WPT Pilotless Mechanical Power Take-off.
In a similar incident earlier today, the Yemeni army's surface-to-air missiles downed a Saudi pilotless aircraft in the Southeastern province of Dhamar.
Summary: A security official in Khurmatoo says a pilotless spy plane belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran crashed within the borders of Khurmatoo town, some 75 kilometers south of Kirkuk.
The pilotless aircraft targetted five civilians, who were busing working at a construction site in the area," he said, adding the poor labourers had no links with any militant group.
An Israeli pilotless drone also flew over the localities of Bint Jbeil and Marje'youn.
Ben Emmerson told reporters in Geneva that in 2013 Washington slashed its controversial use of the pilotless planes in Pakistan.
It has previously been reported that he was killed by a pilotless aircraft in November 2008, when a missile struck in North Waziristan.
It was a fast, pulse-jet powered pilotless aircraft aimed at London and intended to destroy civilian morale.
He said the sixth generation of airplane is very much expected to be pilotless.
Christopher McKeating said terror chiefs can buy a basic pilotless plane for as little as PS1300.
The United States never comments on strikes by its pilotless aircraft, which it has used to track down militants in Yemen for years.