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A four-year degree is required from a recognized Maritime Academy, an institution like the California Polytechnic Academy, followed by several years of apprenticeship working with a pilot, at first just "shadowing" and watching an experienced pilot, then doing piloting work under the supervision of a licensed pilot.
She migrated to New York in 1980 and, unable to secure a commercial piloting position in the states, Drake joined Goldman Sachs as an analyst.
While officers were primarily responsible for the piloting and navigation duties aboard the blimps, the strong training and team-work ensured most crewmembers could handle most jobs, including flying the airships.
Characteristics of a good LSO include motivation, excellent piloting skills and the ability to teach.
When you understand the science behind their moves, you could be one step closer to piloting yourself!
Froom, Paul, "The Risks of Piloting with Advancing Age," Journal of Community Health, April 1994, 71-73.