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Synonyms for pillowcase

bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow

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At the end of the day you are talking about a giant pillowslip.
Home triumphant with trophy of war, a reduced pillowslip.
Legacies and other things, such as bloodstained pillowslips.
6,000 tents, 5,8000 waterproof canvases, 15,500 blankets, 15,500 pillows with pillowslips, 135,000 first aid kits, 60 portable diesel generators, 60 portable gasoline generators, 5,040 torches (all-matel flashlight) with alkaline batteries, 5,000 (Led dynamo flashlight), 45,000 bottles of water purification tablets.
The soft, watery effect on this duvet and pillowslips from Christy (www.
Doctor Francis Wilson was accused of 'stealing sheets, pillowslips, shawls and a purse, to the value of PS2, from the boarding house of Matlida Matson'.
For instance, the volume gives a few small but evocative windows into the daily lives of women in the Garvey movement, such as a report revealing that the Ladies Division in Colon made shirts, ties, and pillowslips as part of their fundraising endeavors.
Aggie, who co-hosted the Channel 4 series with Kim Woodburn until 2009, recommends that sheets and pillowslips on an adult's bed are washed once a week and once a fortnight for a child.
She stopped at one table to finger the scalloped hems, at the next to ogle the white roses embroidered on pillowslips.
This association is also corroborated by other passages from "Ocean," for instance the "skates the shape of old pillowslips with the full, coy lips of women" (118).
Handwoven in palm leaf with handles for the shopping, banana leaf baskets for bread, black bamboo baskets for pants and pillowslips.