pillow slip

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bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow

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I woke up in the middle of the night, several days before the demonstration, with a dramatic thought, "Bring back the mask!" And so I thought of different ideas, it would have to be white of course, a pillow slip just looked amateurish I found, finally a white mesh laundry bag over a rainbow mesh bag worked for me.
David Reid, 21, from Perth, wore a pillow slip with cut-out eye holes and brandished a screwdriver at the terrified shop worker.
She said: "Quite early on in the film Keats' brother dies, so his love interest, Fanny Brawne, makes the pillow slip for him.
They told Mr Jones his wife was all right she had just has ``a bit of a slap.'' Mr Jones was told his wife would be in the boot, bound by tape and with a pillow slip over her head.
He sleeps on a pillow slip from her death bed, and nuzzles up to the nightgown she wore when she passed away at her home in Harpsden, near Henley, Oxfordshire, three weeks ago.
Cotton nonwovens could also be used to make apparel, head rests, bibs, bed sheets, pillow slip covers, towels, wipes and even liners for computer floppy disks, he says.
Range starts at pounds 18 for a pillow slip up to pounds 80 for the double cover.
Beaten and hooded with a pillow slip, Frank Jones was kidnapped from his Trearddur Bay home and driven to his Holyhead post office while his wife Mona remained imprisoned in the Volvo boot.
Among their list of recommended extras for every player are two pairs of bedsheets, a pillow slip, own soap and towel because these are not supplied in hotels and mosquito repllent.
She was wrapped in a cream towel and white pillow slip in a blue plastic Ikea bag.