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One of the guests demonstrated their distaste by photographing the Pillock Prince complete with a fag in his hand.
I have bull'd thy wife," claimed one man's tormenter, "Yes, damn thee I've fucked her scores of times, and she's fetched me to fuck her when thy pillock wouldn't stand.
THE Wimbledon men's final raised more questions than it answered - namely, how big a pillock is Boris Becker and just when did Roger Federer become so useless?
This is the pillock who racially abuses fellow players, dives better than Tom Daly and bites opponents.
But what this plummy-mouthed, public-school pillock lacks in political stature, he certainly makes up for in sheer brass neck.
TALKING of numpties, prize pillock of the week award goes to BBC head of sport Roger Mosey when feebly trying to defend the channel's savage cutback on racing coverage.
At its inevitable onset one possible menu suggestion could be Devilled Pillock.
I already had a perfectly serviceable printer, but I allowed myself to heed the siren calls, to be seduced by the voices whispering softly: "Wireless, you pillock.
FAST forward to 2016, and imagine some pillock suggesting that the dependents of the July 7 London bombers are paid the same compensation as the families of their 52 innocent victims.
He looks like an absolute pillock but nobody dares tell him.
Mount Vettore went through a patch of being a bit of a pillock, but I hope he puts his best foot forward, as he has got some ability.
Of course, van de Velde is the pillock who threw away the Open Championship at Carnoustie a few years ago after paddling about in the burn that straddles the 18th hole.
I've been called a prat, the pillock, the game-show man but never Sexiest Male.
Previous national tours have rejoiced in the titles One Food In The Gravy and Pillock of the Community.