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Synonyms for pillbox

a small round woman's hat


a small case for holding pills

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a small enclosed gun emplacement (usually of fortified concrete)

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Most people thought he was an urban legend, a mere bogeyman, but, one day in the summer of 1971, three girls, all aged 15 - named Melanie, Angela and Dawn - were walking with their boyfriends down Springwood Avenue when one of the boys pointed at the concrete pillbox through the railings of Clarke Gardens and claimed a man named Mr Babboo, who was "half-man half-monster", lived there.
Two enemy soldiers were dead and Hollis took the remainder captive, before attacking a second pillbox where he took 20 further prisoners.
We'd go down and shake the boys up [the Germans] that were in the pillbox and the army would move back to take over the pillbox.
PS15, Bonmarche M&S COLLECTION FEATHER PILLBOX FASCINATOR: A statement style that's perfect for jazzing up your formal outfits.
It is believed that the injured seal was stuck on the pillbox on Fraisthorpe Beach in Yorkshire's East Riding for more than a day, leaving it dehydrated due to the strong sunshine.
The pillbox, covered in driftwood, barbed wire and rubbish, was stained inside with what was described as a "substantial quantity of blood."
The wartime pillbox on the foreshore at Gileston in the Vale of Glamorgan
Within the context of Religious Zionist opposition to the army "mixed gender directive," the army has decided to establish separate living quarters for male and female soldiers at pillbox military posts.
Granted this PS2,500 Erdem dress coat, with its high collar and overlay lace pattern, was not exactly a world away from the outfits we have seen her in before, but the hat was quite the departure from the smaller, pillbox styles she usually favours.
Your chosen pillbox should have compartments that are easy to open and close, and large enough to store all of your daily medications while also giving you space to maneuver your thumb and finger when removing a pill.
The palette is very pale and angular, the women (these are mostly photographs of women) are more so; the negative image of Grace Jones is having high tea at the Savoy in a polka-dot pillbox hat.
5CHIPS: The German shepherd cross stormed a WWII pillbox in Sicily, forcing the soldiers inside to surrender.
There's even a sighting of HRH Princess Margaret, 1960s royalty-meets-film star, in a glam, fluffy cream pillbox, opening the new community centre because Chummy (the adorable Miranda Hart) has pulled some top-drawer strings.