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"People would say, 'Please don't pillage me', and I would tell them, "No, I am pillaging everyone - you included."
The Hindu writers have used a bitter pen to record accounts of pillaging and destruction wrought by Mahmud and some might argue that they may have been exaggerating.
RAMALLAH, September 3, 2012 (WAFA) - The Palestinian human rights group, Al-Haq, in a press release Monday, called on the Israeli authorities to immediately stop the pillaging of the Palestinian natural resources and halt the concession of substantial financial incentives to settlers living in the area.
Robert Ballard, who found the ship nearly 27 years ago, has said new measures should be introduced for anyone visiting the site, to prevent them pillaging for souvenirs.
This change in security philosophy has been prompted by the constant pillaging of antiquities there over the past four months.
And the Vikings - Norse with Attitude - to join in the pillaging.
THE man who discovered Oasis, Alan McGee, has likened 360 degree record deals, similar to that given to Madonna, to 'raping and pillaging' artists.
A requesting nation must show that pillaging of the cultural property is jeopardizing the nation's cultural heritage.
It's part of a growing trend that deserves strong support from the West: poor countries seeking economic opportunities by protecting nature rather than pillaging it.
And pillaging, or theft of artifacts, is always a fear.
Reparations that could cost Uganda $8bn for invading and pillaging the Democratic Republic of Congo "has set a precedent in the sub-region and countries will think twice before engaging in conflicts and taking advantage to enrich themselves", says a DRC government representative.
For Africans to regain the appreciation of African art lost through the pillaging of our culture and minds, we must become educated on African art's relationship with nature, mind, body and spirit.
"The discussion Damon and I had," she quotes McCarthy as saying, "was a political and an art discussion--all the time." Pirates are of course associated with rapacious pillaging motivated by excess and greed--a parallel to our age of global capitalism, "coalitions of the willing," and the blurred boundaries of power between nations and corporations.
The characters are memorable, her images of nature are lyrical, and legend, history, horror and humor are cleverly intermingled: "Just say no to pillaging," Olaf [the Viking who captures the hero Jack] solemnly advises Jack at one point, while Olaf himself lays waste to everything around him ...