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And pillaging sounds like an outdoor activity, does it not?
Pillaging of the cultural property specified in China's request jeopardizes China's cultural heritage.
Pissing, belching, pillaging are negated by excessive repetition--they can't be "real," they are so artificial.
Those who are being described as Janjaweed and are raping and pillaging under this name are drawn mainly from pastoral peoples who compete with the settled Fur farmers they are attacking for access to land and water.
The articles on Tamerlane (Tamerlane: Return of the sword of Islam) and Iraq were particularly worthy of note, considering the parallels between the destruction and pillaging of Iraq by Tamerlane's invading army and the current invasion by the West.
In July, the UN Security Council gave the Sudanese government 30 days to disarm the militia and to do something to stop the attacks, which have resulted in killings, rapes, pillaging, destruction of villages and displacement of African civilians by the mostly Arab Janjaweed or face economic sanctions.
But they keep to themselves, and all the other locals support us--we're not like Heirs Angels coming in raping and pillaging, regardless\ of what the far right "would have people believe.
Board members have been targeted in shareholder lawsuits alleging that they failed to take up the cudgels to prevent unscrupulous CEOs from pillaging their companies.
Ballystone backed off the fifth fence and, clouting it, ejected Dobbin sky high, forcing him to knock Paul Robson clean off Pillaging Pict on his way back down.
More than 200 police and fraud investigators swooped on benefit cheats and illegal immigrants pillaging precious shellfish stocks in Wirral.
government and media's war on Iraq "is a vulgar display of the business of grief, the commerce of grief, the pillaging of even the most private human feelings for political purpose.
US State Secretary Colin Powell says, "there is no war plan" against Damascus, adding: "Iraq was a unique case, where it wasn't just a matter of a dictator being there, it was a dictator terrorising his people, raping and pillaging his own people, wasting his treasure, invading his neighbours and threatening the whole world".
Pillaging Pict gets the vote in the Martell Cognac Sainsbury's Topham Chase over the Grand National fences.
has helped tens of thousands of bird lovers stop squirrels from pillaging their bird feeders.