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Synonyms for pillaged

wrongfully emptied or stripped of anything of value

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having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence

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Soon after the advent of the present administration of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians have further been pillaged, cheated, intimidated, blackmailed and subjected to sub-human beings.
The fort was destroyed and pillaged. Al-Beruni had accompanied the Sultan on this expedition and, at Nandana, found a suitable place to carry out his experiment to measure the radius and circumference of the Earth.
I am seeking repentance I am Africa Pillaged from my villages Chipped
Reports circulated that the monastery was pillaged by rebel forces.
He will argue: "We cannot allow our natural resources to be pillaged like our iron, coal and gold reserves were for the benefit of others."
Evolutionary answers to minimize the action of pillaging in flowers are adopted, such as the concentration of alkaloid substances in the nectar that significantly reduce the number of pillaged flowers and the time of visitation (ADLER; IRWIN, 2005).
agency in charge of the world's cultural heritage on Wednesday urged all sides in Libya to preserve the country's ancient treasures, including the former Greek colony of Cyrene and its temple of Apollo.Looters pillaged Cairo's museum during the uprising in Egypt earlier this year, prompting similar appeals from the United Nations Educational
Summary: Rabat - Representative of human rights watchdog Amnesty International (AI) affirmed that public buildings were pillaged and destroyed during the events of Laayoune.
MADRID: Pieces of an ancient Egyptian necropolis that was pillaged in 1999 have been found in Spain by an expert in Middle Eastern antiquities who spotted them in a shop, Spanish police said Wednesday.
Edinburgh-born Shirley, 42, revealed: "Let me commend my darling Beyonce who absolutely pillaged throughout the night like the beast she is.
They just hate being invaded and occupied, raped and pillaged and having to live under dictators loyal to us who couldn't care less about them.
HEXHAM Abbey may have been pillaged by Scots and Danes in its long history, but it had never seen an invasion like this.
Some were terrified, raped, pillaged, starved, agonized by the loss of family, and driven to madness.