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a small bottle for holding pills

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The results showed that patients new to therapy who began treatment with the Smart Pill Bottle stayed on therapy for 1.5 additional months and had 1.3 additional fills dispensed.
STOMPP (Study to Measure the Impact of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Services on Medication Non-Adherence) compared the use of adherence medication packaging and MTM services to the use of traditional pill bottles.
Sometimes older patients have trouble opening pill bottles. Other times, he said, they're so fatigued and foggy that they struggle to adhere to a rigorous schedule that requires them to ingest multiple pills each day.
The first group received reminders as noted above by the wireless pill bottle. The second group received the same reminders, but in addition, received a notification from the study coordinator (notified when the bottle is opened and hence, by omission if it is not) if the bottle had not been opened as prescribed.
Then I looked down into the pill bottle on the table and thought, I'm not leaving until those drugs are in me.
Everything in this production was choreographed and contrived, from Brett's hand-in-hand entrance with Holliston, where she lovingly wrapped a scarf around his neck and he slid off her dressing gown before they both took their places, to the carefully torn photographs on the floor, the pill bottle peeking out from a drawer, the oh-so-French chaise longue and tufted ottoman over which Brett draped herself at regular intervals.
The supplement industry has Congress firmly in its pill bottle.
Less than a month later, more than 20 Hydrocodone pills went missing.The affidavit alleges that video shows Rimmer searching through the victim's medicine cabinet, reaching toward a pill bottle, then holding it out of view.
They are convinced the apprentice blacksmith died in police custody and was dumped by a reservoir with an empty pill bottle beside him.
Among items found in her baggage were a suicide note, a pill bottle and a receipt revealing she had pre-paid for her own funeral the previous day.
Or stick one on a pill bottle to get an alert when you forget to take your medication.
Brisbon failed to obey the officer's commands and ran to an apartment where a struggle turned deadly, police said, noting that the officer mistook a pill bottle that Brisbon had been clutching in his pocket for the butt of a gun.
Washington, April 22 ( ANI ): A New York-based company has created a smart pill bottle that has a built-in cell phone technology, which alerts you to take your medication on time.
ClearRx involved a radical redesign of the traditional pill bottle, including the use of color-coded rings on the neck, easy-to-read labeling and a removable information card.