pilgrim's journey

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a journey to a sacred place

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And at this point in the pilgrim's journey the fascination with Ulysses and the temptation to Ulyssean experience remain active, at least until the second dream in Purgatorio 19.
After providing some foundational background on pilgrimage, each subsequent chapter treats a particular element involved in the pilgrim's journey, such as the preparation for pilgrimage and the devotion to the saints, culminating in a chapter describing the climactic arrival to Santiago.
For Christians, he suggests that tithing can serve as a means to begin the pilgrim's journey by recognizing their covenant with God in Christ.
about PILGRIM'S JOURNEY An empty refuge on the causeway to Holy Island took on an otherworldly aspect early on Good Friday morning when The Journal's Lewis Arnold was on hand with his camera..
His life and ministry were a true pilgrim's journey and he allowed many to share that journey with him."
The timeline can include the Pilgrim's journey on the Mayflower through the First Thanksgiving.
Written in 333-334 AD, the book records the pilgrim's journey through northern Italy to Constantinople and on to Syria and back.
Aposiopeses are vital, not only because they help illuminate the poem's principles of narrative organization, but also because they "save" elements of the pilgrim's journey that would otherwise be sacrificed to the deep, but narrow form of allegory.
While Dante criticism over the centuries has viewed Virgil as a reliable sage and presence in the poem, Hollander, in his critical writing has argued for Virgil's more limited more role in the pilgrim's journey. For Hollander Virgil represents a classical tradition which Dante systematically revises according to a rigidly Christian epistemology The first sentence in the Introduction on Virgil makes this conviction emphatic: "We should be aware that Virgil was not always Dante's guide in poetry." The notes reinforce this view repeatedly.
The topographies of the pilgrim's journey and the passages which guide us from one location to the next are thus vividly and powerfully rendered.
"The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah's digital transformation is aligned with our vision of making a pilgrim's journey easy and predictable, within an environment of peace and tranquility," said Benten.
Seemingly from one Hajj season to the next, a pilgrim's journey to Makkah was now drastically reduced from weeks by steamboat to only four days by train.
The exhibition is divided into three related sections, each exploring a different aspect of Haj: The pilgrim's journey, with an emphasis on the main routes used through history; the Haj today and its rituals; and the origins and importance of Makkah.
This exhibition has been organized in partnership with the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh and will examine three key strands: The pilgrim's journey with an emphasis on the major routes used across time (from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East).
Three key strands make up the exhibition, including the pilgrim's journey with an emphasis on the major routes used through history -- those from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East; the Haj today, its associated rituals and what the experience means to the pilgrim; and Makkah, the final destination of Haj, its origins and importance.