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someone who journeys in foreign lands

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one of the colonists from England who sailed to America on the Mayflower and founded the colony of Plymouth in New England in 1620

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someone who journeys to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion

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The naturalness of the allegory, it may be added, renders the resemblance of 'Pilgrim's Progress' to many previous treatments of the same theme and to less closely parallel works like 'The Faerie Queene' probably accidental; in any significant sense Bunyan probably had no other source than the Bible and his own imagination.
This company of pilgrims resembled Chaucer's in this: that it had in it a sample of about all the upper occupations and professions the country could show, and a corresponding variety of costume.
A hermit thriveth best where there be multi- tudes of pilgrims. Ye shall not find no hermit of no sort wanting.
And he walked from village to village as he had done on his way to Pashenka, meeting and parting from other pilgrims, men and women, and asking for bread and a night's rest in Christ's name.
The party stopped to let the Frenchman see the pilgrims who, in accord with a popular Russian superstition, tramped about from place to place instead of working.
I was reminded of it, however, by the sight of the same pair of simple pilgrims at whom we had laughed so heartily when Apollyon puffed smoke and steam into their faces at the commencement of our journey.
It may be remembered that there was an ancient feud between Prince Beelzebub and the keeper of the wicket gate, and that the adherents of the former distinguished personage were accustomed to shoot deadly arrows at honest pilgrims while knocking at the door.
``The Earl of Leicester was the second,'' continued the Pilgrim; ``Sir Thomas Multon of Gilsland was the third.''
``Sir Foulk Doilly the fourth,'' proceeded the Pilgrim.
"Lord Jesus Christ!" exclaimed the pilgrim woman, crossing herself.
He orders these pilgrims to be driven away, but she receives them."
Ricote and Sancho alone remained awake, for they had eaten more and drunk less, and Ricote drawing Sancho aside, they seated themselves at the foot of a beech, leaving the pilgrims buried in sweet sleep; and without once falling into his own Morisco tongue Ricote spoke as follows in pure Castilian:
I took a house in a town near Augsburg, and then joined these pilgrims, who are in the habit of coming to Spain in great numbers every year to visit the shrines there, which they look upon as their Indies and a sure and certain source of gain.
"That's how the whole thing looks supposing this Rian made for Pilgrim's Pond to kill Todd.
Pilgrims, always prone to find prophecies in the Bible, and often where none exist, speak cheerfully and complacently of poor, ruined Ephesus as the victim of prophecy.