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Synonyms for pilferage

the crime of taking someone else's property without consent

Words related to pilferage

the act of stealing small amounts or small articles

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They said over 21.4 million units were charged on account of slow and power pilferage besides imposing Rs.384.6 million fine on them.
During the public hearings, the lower House approved a distribution of 90 percent for the employees, and 10 percent for the losses, pilferage and management.
He said eighteen thousand gas connections were removed over the last two months of the elements involved in gas pilferage. As a result of these steps, 2.5 billion rupees worth of gas has been saved from theft.
It is time to effectively tackle the menace of gas pilferage in the industrial and commercial sectors.
"It is time to make our airport an airport free from pilferage," Monreal said.
Based on our records, only two pilferage cases can be attributed to MIASCOR and the company acted quickly, together with the airport authorities, to address the situation," he explained.
NEW DELHI -- A parliamentary committee has asked the government to include coal in the Essential Commodities Act (ECA) to control its pilferage while asking the ministry of coal to prepare a comprehensive document having details of human lives lost, environmental degradation and resultant loss to the exchequer due to illegal mining.
The intention apparently was to hush up fuel pilferage from the depot involving officials of both the IOC as well as the adjoining depot of the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited ( HPCL).
Manila: Baggage handlers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) will need to wear uniforms without pockets in a bid to stem pilferage at the country's premier gateway.
Thus, the objective was two-fold: increase production and eliminate pilferage. The answer turned out to be a fully automatic strapping machine.
"Tax pilferage" is an English equivalent of the well-known Urdu phrase "Tax Chori".
We have had a problem with pilferage. We still find open wrappers around the store.
It is a fact of life, albeit a grim one, that where there are drugs, there is the potential for pilferage and diversion.
FAISALABAD -- The police have booked six persons on the charge of power pilferage in different parts of the district.