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Synonyms for pilferage

the crime of taking someone else's property without consent

Words related to pilferage

the act of stealing small amounts or small articles

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The Kinects Solutions acquisition pairs well with our October 2010 purchase of GRID2020 and sets the stage for our company to provide the electric industry with an Open Standard communications network that seamlessly provides real-time load management, connectivity, energy management, critical pilferage detection solutions, and a myriad of services including end-user broadband access," Lee added.
CEO PESCO issued strict instructions to all Xens to speed up the drive to curb the power pilferage and made the recovery from the defaulters.
He said the drive against illegal use of electricity and direct hooks will continue, PESCO has once again warned electricity stealers to stop power pilferage in the larger interest of the nation, due to which PESCO has to face huge financial losses and line losses on one hand and on the other hand PESCO's whole distribution system gets over loaded and the general public faces inconvenience of frequent power break downs.
He also informed the board members regarding energy crisis, loadshedding, consumers' issues and power pilferage.
Abad and Elahi Abad on Sitiana Road and detected massive gas pilferage.
The use of Rapiscan 2000 VCXS systems instead of manual searches eliminates the breakage and pilferage associated with manual inspection, and can greatly expedite the movement of goods.
According to Irrigation department sources, low fine on the pilferers was also a major cause behind the water pilferage.
Khawaja Asif said that 'Smart Meters' have been installed to control the power pilferage.
ASTORE -- Magistrate District Astore M, Saeed Ahmad here on Friday had started operation against power pilferage.
SIALKOT -- Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif Sunday said that drive against electricity and gas pilferage would be further accelerated across the country.
They also like it because it eliminates or greatly reduces pilferage.
In an interview, he said that government had decided to introduce modern technology such as smart meters to overcome electricity pilferage in the country, adding that legislation had also been made for effective campaign against power theft.
PESHAWAR -- The Pesco checking teams with the collaboration of police arrested twenty five more power stealers during the ongoing campaign against power pilferage, said a spokesman for the company here Wednesday.
DERA GHAZI KHAN -- The line losses of electricity could be reduced by eliminating power pilferage from direct lines.
He said, the IMR system was also helpful to control power pilferage, over billing and to address the grievances of the consumers.