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perennial herb native to Europe but naturalized elsewhere having heart-shaped leaves and yellow flowers resembling buttercups

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Roots are composed of a collection of tiny rhizomes joined together in one crown in an unusual construction, giving it the common name of pilewort. Every little rhizome is capable of developing into a fully fledged plant and it happens rapidly.
There are two plants that I prescribe regularly for the treatment of haemorrhoids - Horse Chestnut and Pilewort. The former appears to strengthen the blood vessel walls.
Less flattering is the name "pilewort", which the plant earned due to its use in the treatment of haemorrhoids.
To ease existing piles, use an ointment containing the herb pilewort. As its name suggests, this has a long history of being used to treat this problem and will shrink piles and help to prevent more forming.
They also contain plain errors; when it comes to Clare's natural history terms, hit off by Auden as `pudge and pilewort, petty chap and pooty', the loss to the editors of Margaret Grainger's knowledgeableness is keenly felt.