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a fruiting structure resembling an umbrella or a cone that forms the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom

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Pileus trama with interwoven hyphae, 4.5-10.5 [mu]m diam., smooth, hyaline.
himalayensis due to its yellow white to pale yellow pileus with light greenish tinge, brownish squamules and white pileal veil (Verma and Reddy, 2014c).
Pileus 2.5 cm diam, hemispherical to plano-convex, with obtuse umbo, dark brown in the centre fading towards camel brown at margin, fibrillose, margin entire; surface smooth, shiny, viscid.
The gathering of the number of pileus per flushing was done by counting the number of pileus or fruits of each data bags per flushing per treatment.
Previous studies of Pleurobrachia pileus by Moss and Tamm (1993) demonstrated a signal integrative center in the tentacular bulb.
It would be particularly important to conduct a detailed study focused on the mycochemical characteristics in pilei, separating the gills from the remainder of the pileus, to improve the traceability process.
Nutritional characteristics of proteins from the volva and pileus in cultivated mushroom Dictyophora rubrovolvata.
The treatments had significant effect on the number of days for mushroom growth, stalk length, pileus diameter and number of fruiting body, fresh yield, biological efficiency and dietary values (P < 0.05).
Bristle groups of similar appearance and arrangement next to groups of lamellate bodies are found in the apical organ of Pleurobrachia pileus and Beroe ovata.
Cap or pileus (It is white' creamy or brown in color and almost smooth in structure.
See his short story 'The Purple Pileus' (1896), which details the effects of psychoactive mushrooms, and his novel The First Men in the Moon (1900), which includes a description of a rapidly-growing lunar jungle of fungi.
The protein content of mushrooms is dependent on the strain, substrate chemical composition, pileus size, and cultivation time [19, 20].
The collected mushrooms were further identified using field characters such as substrate for growth and occurrence of fruiting body [11], morphological characters such as pileus, lamellae, stipe, and fruiting bodies [12], and microscopic characters such as spore print, cystidia, and hyphal arrangement [13].
Stomach contents identified as Ctenophora could have been Mnemiopsis leidyi, Pleurobrachia pileus, or Bolinopsis infundibulum, but it is beyond the scope of the present work to distinguish between them.
The thick (up to 50 mm) flesh of the pileus is a dingy whitish colour, discolouring when exposed to the air (Fig.