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Synonyms for pileup

a wrecking of a vehicle

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multiple collisions of vehicles

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A driver was apprehended for questioning after his oil truck's tire punctured and the vehicle flipped over causing leakage that led to the gigantic pileup over one of the country's busiest highways in Jiyye just south of the country's capital Beirut, a source at the Lebanese Internal Security Forces [ISF] told Gulf News.
Police continue to investigate the six-vehicle pileup in Elk Grove Village that killed one person and injured 10 others on Saturday.
The pileup left tractor-trailers, box trucks and cars tangled together across three lanes of traffic and into the snow-covered median about 75 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of Philadelphia.
BEIRUT: A five-vehicle pileup caused heavy traffic Friday on a vital Kesrouan road north of Beirut.
According the information, which was taken by the authorities that the cause of the accident was a race of the two vans which caused to have injured three people as a result of pileup in which also 20 cars took heavy damage.
The turnpike was shut down in both directions around midday after the pileup began with a dozen tractor-trailer trucks jack-knifed on both sides of the highway, blocking traffic, the state police said.
There was another pileup involving three cars about 300 meters away from the first accident.
He attributed the pileup to the sandstorm which reduced visibility in the open area.
unveiled several advanced technologies Wednesday that it says could help prevent an accident even if the driver wrongly steps on the gas pedal before parking, or prevent pileups on the expressway, as part of its ''Safety Shield'' concept.
27, 2010 (TAP) - At least 21 people, including 14 children, have died in a pair of traffic accidents in China, one a pileup of more than 100 cars in foggy weather.
Durcan said: "The horse in front of me hit the floor and I was right behind him and unable to swerve around, so I went over him and it was just a pileup, one of those things."
Still, the citizens of this polyglot boiling pot are not one-dimensional bigots, and Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock's portrayals of spiteful but complex characters are as tough to turn away from as a 16-car pileup. ***
Playing on the seduction of veils and screens, this flat, white-on-white composition is a pileup of surfaces around a fresh void--the empty space produced by Harrison's demolition.
Reading Original Youth is like watching a highway pileup in slow motion.
A truck carrying containers with poisonous substances was involved in a six-vehicle pileup travelling northbound near Corley services at 7.20am.