pile dwelling

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dwelling built on piles in or near a lake

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40 years after the adoption concerning the protection of the world's cultural and natural heritage, Idrija joined the Skocjan Caves and pile dwellings of Ljubljansko Barje to become the third Slovenian entry onto the UNESCO World Heritage List for monuments of exceptional importance for humanity.
Between the Neolithic and Iron Ages, pile dwellings were formed on the banks of lakes and swamps to the north and south of the Alps.
Pile dwellings were unique abodes specially adapted for ground covered by water--piles were hammered into the lake and houses placed on top.
As a mark of their exceptional universal value, 111 pile dwellings in six separate Alpine countries were entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2011.
Experience two original sized pile dwellings being constructed and prehistoric cereals being grown in a field at the Museum park.