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small fatty fish usually canned


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small fishes found in great schools along coasts of Europe

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However, to the average consumer, the idea of a pilchard conjures up images of ring-pull tins and tomato sauce.
But with a livewell of pilchards and clean water reported off Sand Key from a fellow captain there earlier in the day, we had a chance at blackfin, wahoo and sails.
Former owner Francis Hellyar said: "The story I heard is the local witch asked if the starving people could eat the pilchards because they had been salted and were still edible.
Bradbury prefers fishing in 70- to 120-foot depths with live sardines, but this technique will work with pilchards, pinfish and even bonito strips.
Rogers also used his chum bat to distribute live pilchards before casting, with the goal of chumming the reds into casting range.
"You want something with a white belly and green back, to match the small pilchards that inhabit the region this month," says Barrow.
Soft plastics, plugs and flies are all on the menu for these fish, but try to keep it small, mimicking a finger mullet or small pilchard.
But cats are partial to furnishing you with a live bat in the bath or a dissected rat under the duvet (if that's their way of showing us love, I dread to think what they'd do if we forgot to feed them pilchards).
Meanwhile, Paul Walker's girlfriend of seven years Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell is reportedly upset about the fact that Paul left is $25 million empire solely to Meadow Walker and has given her nothing.
The principal species that make up this EU25 catch are European anchovy and the European pilchard or sardine, which together accounted for 149,000 tonnes (31%) of the total.
The principle species that make up this EU-25 catch are European anchovy and the European pilchard or sardine, which together accounted for 149 thousand tonnes (31%) of the total.
Newlyn-based 'The Pilchard Works' has won the "Best New Seafood Product' award at a high profile event hosted by the Sea Fish Industry.
Predators: Herring, pilchard and salmon eat planktonic Dungeness crab larvae.
The pilchard spawning area ([A.sub.1]) in a given year was calculated by summing the areas of 1 [degrees] longitude x 1 [degrees] latitude squares where early developmental stage eggs were present.