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Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

having or covered with hair


hazardous and frightening

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As I mashed chilies and tomatillos in the molcajete for our salsa, Pilar talked about trying to modernize her restaurant.
En su libro, Pilar no cuenta que su esposo, Horacio Campiglia, fue asesinado en diciembre de 1980.
One of the urns was gold-plated and contained the ashes of Pipie, as the family fondly called Maria Pilar.
Two ships MSC Pilar and Tamar sailed out to sea Tuesday morning, while three more ships, MSC Maria Elena, Express Black Sea and Morning Star are expected to sail on same day in the afternoon.
que nacio el 6 de mayo de 2014; y Marco, nacido el 14 de noviembre de 2015; que ahora aumentaran con la llegada de un tercer hijo, otro varon: <<Porque Sergio y yo solo sabemos hacer guerreros>>, ha dicho Pilar.
Wrtsil has taken a strong position in enabling the transition towards sustainable energy infrastructure in Argentina, with the Pilar plant being one of the 10 plants built by Wrtsil in the last few years.
The project consisted of building a new thermal power plant in the Pilar Industrial Complex in Buenos Aires and installing six Wartsila engines of ultimate generation and high efficiency, with a total installed capacity of 100 MW and able to fire either natural gas or fuel oil.
On 31 August 2017, the Parque Pilar plant's inauguration was attended by Argentina's President Mauricio Macri, the Governor of Buenos Aires Province Maria Eugenia Vidal, the Minister of Energy and Mining Juan Jose Aranguren, the mayor of Pilar Nicolas Ducote, as well as all Pampa's management, among other authorities.
Pilar de Zubiaurre difundio la obra artistica de sus hermanos, Valenti y Ramon de Zubiaurre, colaboro con muchas revistas y en muchos proyectos culturales como el Lyceum Club Femenino: era, sin duda alguna, una mujer de letras que formaba parte de una red intelectual muy extensa.
Receiving the news, Pilar first understood it to mean someone else had fired on him.
El epistolario de Pilar de Zubiaurre, intelectual vasca que escribio a principios del siglo XX y que paso muchos anos en el exilio en Mexico, es una obra significativa para reivindicar y apreciar la labor cultural de muchas mujeres que no pudieron obtener el reconocimiento que merecian en la epoca en la que les toco vivir.
The first annual Pilar Regatta will set sail from Key West, Fla.
Upon receiving the P15,000 ESA, he decided to take his family on a vacation to Abigail's hometown in Pilar town, Camotes Island, Cebu.
19 September 2014 - US private equity giant KKR & Co LP will acquire a further 10% in Indonesian food company PT Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food Tbk, paying some IDR658bn (USD54.
Pilar, como siempre, asume el reto, acoge el sufrimiento, acompana pacientes y familias y sigue con su vision humanitaria de trabajo integral.