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In the prologue, Piker sets the scene of the murders and the complicated relations among Cherokees, Creeks, and British settlers in South Carolina.
Piker shows that "felt" contradiction or "felt" inconsistency was extremely rare.
One year, after Olsen laid down the kiln s first stunning cascades of acrid glass, Todd Piker styled his firing, in part, to the even rhythms of his forbearance, Michael Cardew.
Presto: I already have over 200 "followers," which makes Jesus, with 12, look like a piker. As Marvin Gaye sang, "How tweet it is to be loved by you." But it's the news scoop aspect that impresses me so far.
Colliers International's possible acquisition of GVA Williams raises the question of what will happen to the real estate brokerage firm Abrams Benisch & Piker, the Manhattan affiliate of Colliers International known as Colliers ABR since the two companies formed an alliance in the 1990s.
But the choreography of martial arts films like Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Sony Pictures) and the Wachowski brothers' Matrix trilogy (Warner Bros.) have transformed the slugfest of boxer films into a full body ballet, with leaps that make Nureyev look like a piker. Audiences have been mesmerized by the "kung-fu hustle" of Yun-Fat Chow, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li.
Bush, that birthright Franklin who invented an Orthogonian identity for himself, is a piker compared to Nixon when it comes to the ruthless exploitation of social resentments and fear.
But since no one consciously wants to look like an uncompassionate piker, the reason for denying the money has to be cloaked in a patina of righteousness.
in Jacksonville, Tony Geurin of Thomas Real Estate & Insurance in Benton, Tom Jones of Harris McHaney Lake in Rogers, Sandra Kelley of Dickinson & Associates Real Estate in Paragould, Ray Nellum of Ramona Roberts in Fort Smith, Kay Osborne of Watson Rankin & Associates in Conway, Whitt Piker of Moore and Company in Russellville, Wayne Powell of Unlimited Inc.
Compared to them, Sinclair Lewis' fictional Elmer Gantry, was a piker. Along these lines, the sainted Indian nun, Mother Teresa, who led so many to work with the poor and sick, accepted a considerable sum of money as a gift from Charles Keating, the man imprisoned in the Savings and Loan scandal.
The day after they were convicted, the New York Daily News described John Gotti as a "piker" compared to Lay, with the Enron debacle costing more than all of the nefarious dealings of the Mafia combined.
Risen portrays them as consummate bureaucratic infighters, who make Machiavelli look like a piker. Working in league, they circumvented the customary decision-making process to promote the Iraq War, outplayed the CIA, dominated Rice (who "will go down as probably the worst National Security Adviser in history," one official tells Risen), neutralized Colin Powell, and even countermanded Bush.
In ways that Hill documents, Munday had a far more diverse and perhaps lively professional writerly life than did Shakespeare, who by comparison seems a piker.
I thought I would take a chance with him as he is more streetwise - but I pulled The Piker out of the first."
Included in the works being made available to young readers for the first time are the cautionary tale The Shark - a vain warning to a foolhardy swimmer - and Miranda Mary Piker, a character that he had to trim from Charlie and the Choco- late Factory because it already contained enough horrid children.