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any of several pike-like fishes of the perch family

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Purchase of raw materials for assembling pike-perch and pike-perching nests for the Balaton Fish Management Nonprofit Private Limited Liability Company under GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00004 Basis for the Sustainable Management of Fishery Fish Management in Balaton and applied research methods
Smoked salmon, pike-perch, Swedish meatballs, wild boar and moose meat highlighted many memorable dinners.
Seven individuals were found in three deployed lines of pike-perch artificial spawning substrata at the northern coast of Parnu Bay (NE Gulf of Riga) (Fig.
Bream, perch, pike-perch, sturgeon, and catfish are the barter.
An alga, for example, a diatom, is eaten by a rotifer that is eaten by a copepod, which is then eaten by a cladoceran, which is eaten by a whitefish, which is then eaten by a pike-perch, which in turn is eaten by an otter or a human being.
But the panic subsided as nature's balancing act helped the pike-perch predators to settle in our major rivers.
Eiland Urk offers a wide variety of products, including plaice fillets, ready-prepared plaice, Dover and lemon sole, brill, dab, whiting, herring roe, silver smelt, flounder, angler fish, gurnard, turbot, halibut, pike-perch and bream.
National procurement notice: basic renovation of marsh ponds, pike-perch and ditches
here are some examples: - solutions to the problem of the last mileage of visitors, - development of internal traffic in the national park (especially between the fishponds), - development of the public transport route, - the possibility of different modes of transport between the different national parks, - the development of accessibility of the national park entrance points, - a tool for managing traffic congestion, - the development of communication services in the area and the accessibility of solutions, - the profiling and presentation of the various areas of the national park, - the marketing and experimentation of the path between the pike-perch and other innovative solutions.
Discussed was the theme of fishery use and fishing prospects at the Tsimlyansk reservoir, as well as the possibility of excluding pike-perch in the Tsimlyansk reservoir from the list of species of aquatic biological resources in respect of which the total allowable catch is established.
Supply of fish: carp carcass fresh trout fillet, salmon fillet, pike-perch fillet frozen, frozen cod fillet, frozen hake fillet ,, frozen pollock fillet, salted herring marjasy fillets, smoked trout fillet, smoked salmon filet, smoked mackerel carcass, marinated herring Kashubian, tuna in gravy.