pignut hickory

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an American hickory tree having bitter nuts

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The least preferred food types were pignut hickory nuts and flowering dogwood fruits with mean rates of ingestion 0.16 ([+ or -] 0.02 se) and 0.14 ([+ or -] 0.04 se) Kcal x g live [wt.sup.-1] x [d.sup.-1], respectively.
The next preferred foods of the Southern flying squirrel were acorns of the black oak and water oak, and the least preferred foods of the Southern flying squirrel were fruits of the flowering dogwood and nuts of the pignut hickory.
Similar responses were noted in some black walnut and pignut hickory twigs, but the time of response differed.
Beech, red maple, sassafras, pignut hickory and oak spp.
Only species with the potential to become canopy trees were tested (basswood (Tilia americana), beech, black cherry, blackgum, pignut hickory, red maple, sugar maple, sweetgum, Virginia pine and white ash).
White oak acorns (Quercus alba), pignut hickory nuts (Carya glabra), and mockernut hickory nuts (Carya tomentosa) were collected from locations near Wake Forest University.
During experimentation six white oak acorns, three pignut hickory nuts, and three mockernut hickory nuts were offered to each animal daily.
Also commercially important is shellbark hickory (Carya laciniosa) which looks a lot like shagbark, mockernut hickory (Carya tomentosa), and pignut hickory (Carya glabra).
But soon the sun came up and I watched as earlymorning sunlight caused a pignut hickory's bud to ignite and glow like embers in a breeze.
Branch tips jostle in a canopy of oak and pignut hickory. Clickity-clack they murmur, rubbing out of synch.