pigeon droppings

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Public contract tendering service opened with European advertising in 3 batches for disinfection, pest control, dsourisation, rat removal, removal of corpses and removal of pigeon droppings in municipal buildings and private homes, and the provision of rodenticides for a period 4 years.
grubii (serotype A) from pigeon droppings in Seoul, Korea.
PREDAPPIO, Italy: Tiptoeing through pigeon droppings in a building where Benito Mussolini once barked orders, the mayor sighs wearily as he recounts his long battle to get agreement on what do with the crumbling structure.
The bacterial dust from pigeon droppings can enter your home through AC units and contaminate food and cooking surfaces causing diseases like salmonella.
It was estimated that in 2007, street cleaners in Liverpool spent a total of 88 hours a day cleaning up pigeon droppings, which forced the council to invest in the "Robop" - a robotic bird of prey perched on buildings to deter pigeons.
Pigeon droppings are a mounting problem in Hexham, Northumberland, and with the tourist season about to start up, it is feared visitors may be put off coming back unless something is done.
They were covered with dust and pigeon droppings and I felt no one consulted them any more.
The birdhouses and pigeon droppings are collected and used for growing the worldwide known watermelons of Diyarbakir, one of the sources of income for the people.
The Mann-Whitney test was used to compare Pz values of isolates form pigeon droppings with that of isolates from dropping of other bird species.
HEADTEACHER Andy Somers says the 30-year-old pre-fab buildings he uses as classrooms have roofs held together by pigeon droppings.
Try this: Build a radio telescope to search the far reaches of space, curse at it because all it ever seems to pick up is static, attempt to fix the problem by coating it with aluminum tape and scrubbing it clean of pigeon droppings, and then--when you're finally convinced the contraption is a complete failure--place a call to a fellow scientist who's trying to figure out how to measure cosmic debris left from the Big Bang.
Given Cannon's desire for LEED certification (it recently earned LEED Gold), the project wasn't without challenges, including removing toxic pigeon droppings and lead paint on the steel truss work.
A former New York doorman who slipped on pigeon droppings has been awarded over EUR7 million in compensation.
Her call came less than 24 hours after it had been revealed that pounds 8000 had been spent cleaning pigeon droppings from the Holyrood building.
Graves said pigeon droppings in front of his building had become a messy nuisance, requiring him to shovel off the sidewalk and clean up after clients who tracked the stuff into the office.