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a measuring instrument for measuring high pressures

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The static gage pressure was measured at a location one duct diameter upstream of the 90[degrees] elbow that preceded the test section, using pressure taps configured as a piezometric ring and connected to a micromanometer using pressure tubing.
The inclination of the pipe from the horizontal is recommended because it provides higher hydraulic head and lower piezometric surface elevations at the back of the drains.
The piezometric level, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen, and temperature were measured in situ.
Where, Sy = storage coefficient (adimensional); [h.sub.i]+1= piezometric evolution curve i+1 (m); [h.sub.i] = piezometric evolution curves i (m); [A.sub.i]+[1.sub.,i] = Surface between two sequential curves ([m.sup.2]).
Figure 5 shows a groundwater level (piezometric) map that was obtained for the study area using the data from 24 wells [11, 16].
For the seepage index, we take the piezometric tube level as an example.
In the solution process, piezometric pressure [P.sub.rgh] = P - [rho]g x x is implemented instead of the pressure P, where x is the coordinate vector and g is the gravitational acceleration.
New magma inputs reach the explosion chamber and press on contact breccia, which may have phreatic water arriving from the host rock fractures by means of the piezometric gradient.
Piezometric monitoring from October 2009 to December 2010 showed fluctuations in mean groundwater levels ranging from 1.9 to 0.8 m deep (Fig.
The minimum, mean, maximum and standard deviation of piezometric head data in the first group of piezometers are presented in Table 7.