piezoelectric crystal

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a crystal that can be used as a transducer

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When considering piezoelectric crystals in the DAQ and control arena, most people think about vibration and accelerometer sensors because these crystals are the basis for the ubiquitous integrated circuit piezoelectric/integrated electronics piezoelectric (ICP[R]/ IEPE) sensors.
In this technology, the usual structure is composed of the array of nozzles, each of which has its piezoelectric crystal. There are different possibilities of geometrical configurations for setting these nozzles based on these materials.
Self-assembled monolayers as the coating in a quartz piezoelectric crystal immunosensor to detect salmonella in aqueous solution.
In the future, this will, hopefully, constitute a cheap, yet not less effective, substitute to the classical piezoelectric crystal sensor.
On another front, the research team has developed a reusable piezoelectric crystal biosensor for determining toxic amines in seafood.
It immobilized progesterone antibody on a piezoelectric crystal's surface.
This instrument is similar to the PUCO in that it too utilizes a torsional piezoelectric crystal coupled to a quartz rod but it has a different working principle.
Electromechanical fence disturbance sensors use piezoelectric crystal devices, or geophones, mounted directly to either the fence fabric or fence
The other transducers, such as piezoelectric crystal pile, cylindrical piezoelectric structure and electromagnetic piezoelectric energy harvesting, have also gotten increasing attention.
The accelerometers incorporate the use of Meggitt's own proprietary piezoelectric crystal sensing element, operating in annular shear mode, which provides highly stable output sensitivity over time.
It weighs 3.5g and uses Meggitt's proprietary piezoelectric crystal sensing element, operating in annular shear mode, which provides highly stable output sensitivity over time, excellent frequency response and low base strain, for thermal transient stability
To investigate this problem, Raman and fellow researcher, Shuiqing Hu, deliberately caused chaotic oscillations by making adjustments to the forces exerted by the AFM's piezoelectric crystal and increasing the amplitude of the microcantilever by specific amounts.
By shaking the cantilever with a piezoelectric crystal, which changes shape when stimulated by electricity, the researchers found they could observe vibrations that flex the cantilever's end about 0.6 angstrom.