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work paid for according to the quantity produced

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A system of piecework introduced into the foundry gave Bull and his cronies further cause to provoke and intimidate Ieuan.
Piecework is considered as an important and viable component of any small and medium size business enterprises.
During the week, women have a number of responsibilities, including working on the assembly line sorting beans; making the program's soups and rubs (which are sold online and at community events); piecework for outside companies; and personal development.
"This online piecework, or 'crowdwork,' represents a radical shift in how we define employment itself." She tells the story of a young Indian entrepreneur and temp worker who organized a crew to manage digital tasks for Amazon Mechanical Turk.
Her mother did piecework, stitching clothing on an industrial sewing machine at home so she could tend to the children after school.
Any right (or left) thinking person understands that the lack of transparency coupled with a system where physicians were paid piecework would inevitably lead to disastrous results.
Many of the town's workers did piecework at home, assembling boots and shoes, or making palm-leaf hats.
DWYL locks workers into the academic piecework of CAF by deflecting attention away from the real problem.
Many manufacturers, for instance, use this as the base for compiling piecework rates, such that the more that is accomplished in a given time, the more the employee earns.
In time, I got to work out their "piecework" times using a "ready reckoner".
Beginning in that year, salaries and wages from these categories were included as part of labor income, and in 2004 income from these categories in the form of piecework, commissions, tips, overtime, year-end bonuses, incentives, other bonuses, rewards or prizes, extra pay, vacation bonus, and profit sharing was included.
In this article, I discuss change as integral within the tradition of tifaifai, the colorful applique and piecework (or patchwork) quilt-like textiles made in Tahiti and other islands of French Polynesia, located in the South Pacific (fig.1) (1)
In this series, frantic strokes and facture-laden fields are cobbled together much like the piecework fabric in Factory, 2012-13, and so many others.
Alina will soon be leaving for the US, where her works will be part of the Portland Museum of Art Biennial Exhibition "Piecework" in October.