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Or, it might more fancifully be compared to a joyous piece of music, played with wild vivacity, but upon a disordered instrument.
He looked at a pretty girl as he would have listened to a piece of music.
They played one piece of music which lasted forty minutes.
Such was the discomfort she felt when forced to sit through an unsatisfactory piece of music badly played.
I wanted very much to hear a certain piece of music, so I went to the general two or three times to ask him; he said to me, 'Go about your business, for I am engaged.
And he sat down to the piano, and rattled a lively piece of music.
The piece of music used on the new Coca-Cola advert brought back some fond memories for me.
He chooses a piece of music which his teacher suggests may be too difficult, but Bell is determined: it's a piece of music he loves.
A WIRRAL student is one of seven young composers chosen by a panel of judges from Classic FM and the Royal Philharmonic Society to write a new piece of music to celebrate the radio station's 25th birthday.
COVENTRY Artspace has launched the City Arcadia Festival with a brilliant new piece of music by artist Rob Hamp.
A PIECE of music commemorating the Aberfan disaster composed by a teacher who lost three pupils in the tragedy will be performed next month.
15) of interest and was reminded of the thoughts I had when I was told by someone several years ago that a registrar had refused to allow an accepted well known piece of music during a wedding ceremony.
The research investigated the effects of what the researchers described as Self-Identified Sad Music (SISM) on people's moods, paying particular attention to their reasons for choosing a particular piece of music when they were experiencing sadness - and the effect it had on them.
Their first challenge is to engage young people in creating a new piece of music that represents the proud and illustrious history of the North East.